Centigy Becomes 1st Authority on Certification of AI HR Software

This month sees the beginning of the end of the wild west of Artificial Intelligence as Centigy launches its certification and audit services. Human Resources technology vendors can now be audited to achieve certification for their AI applications. This independent service aims to foster the development and adoption of ethical, sustainable, human-centric AI. For HR technology buyers, selection processes will be made simpler by greatly reducing the risk when making technology procurement decisions. 

Currently, there is little or no legislation governing the development or use of AI applications. However, this situation is about to change in the coming years. In the Human Resources space alone there are over 700 AI applications on the market. With only guidelines to follow during development, many of these applications can pose unintended risks to people and businesses. Centigy is an independent auditor that objectively certifies each product. This leads to more trust, and with trust comes increased adoption.

Centigy’s audit programme is based upon the ethical frameworks for sustainable AI proposed by The Alan Turing Institute in the UK, European Commission for AI and IEEE in the US. Furthermore, it is in line with the UK AI Council roadmap’s recommendations to help the UK government develop a National AI Strategy.

The main benefits for vendors who choose to be audited are:

1. Increased competitive advantage

2. Improved sustainability

3. Reduced risk

For buyers, certification will simplify the buying process by making it easier to identify the AI HR technology products which meet global industry standards.

Most importantly, for people who are impacted by AI HR systems, Centigy aims to level the playing field by ensuring a dramatic reduction in system bias. 

“AI is completely changing the world of HR. How people find and benefit from their workplace is becoming more influenced by machine decision-making. Unfortunately, much of the tech being developed is unaware of emerging standards and practices for protecting people from potentially biased AI decisions. By combining global insights from AI ethics authorities, Centigy is establishing itself as the first HR software focused AI ethics certification body, to ensure that this most human of fields (the clue is in the name) remains fair to all the humans involved and affected.” – Kevin Butler, Founder and CEO of Centigy

Company info – Centigy is a London-based technology consultancy, founded by Kevin Butler, that specialises in the Auditing and Certification of Artificial Intelligence Human Resources applications.