Partnering with Centigy for a Competitive Edge: A Case Study


Centigy supported Armstrong Craven (“AC”), the UK-based global leader in talent research, in optimising their digital capability. AC is a global talent-mapping, pipelining and executive search company with approximately 100 employees. Their clients include many of the world’s most influential and respected businesses undergoing transformational change.


AC wanted to improve their recruitment technology used throughout its global network and wanted a competitive edge in the market. Centigy advised AC to customise their existing Salesforce platform to integrate data from multiple systems and to provide real-time visibility internally and externally to their clients. This improvement enabled AC to scale their output efficiently, which resulted in cost savings and improved customer satisfaction. The new system was custom built by specialist Salesforce developer partner Frank Belford. AC now have their own best-in-class proprietary technology which provides a competitive advantage by offering a unique service to their clients.

“Partnering with Centigy has been one of the best decisions we have made as a company. I would highly recommend them to any organisation looking to leverage technology to drive growth. The results speak for themselves.”

Paresh Chauhan, Global Head of Technology & Systems


  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Increase the value derived from recruitment software
  • Reduce technology risk (in particular, upcoming AI regulation and existing software becoming obsolete)
  • Build proprietary technology to increase the value of the business

“I cannot overstate how much happier people are now with the new system. People are working smarter and more effectively than ever before. It has fostered a culture shift towards accountability, growth mindset and commercial awareness.”

Sharon Davis, Global Senior Talent Recruitment Partner


Centigy conducted a technology risk and value assessment. The output was a roadmap of what recruitment software AC should:


Existing high-value software systems were marked for further utilisation. New contracts were negotiated on more favourable terms


Specialist Salesforce developer partner Frank Belford was selected to customise Armstrong Craven’s recruitment delivery system to improve efficiencies.


Centigy met with a selection of AC’s existing clients to compile a wish list of required digital services. Centigy then designed the blueprint for a best-in-class client portal which was built by Frank Belford.


Recruitment software which was not delivering enough value was marked for termination and suppliers were promptly notified.

“Centigy came recommended to us by CIPD’s Tony Vickers-Byrne. We worked closely with Centigy’s principal consultant, Kevin Butler, to understand the risks and opportunities with regard to our existing recruitment tech stack. He made recommendations which have enabled us to scale while reducing costs and improving efficiencies. By working with Centigy we have increased our capacity to offer a market leading service for our clients.”

Rachel Davis, Co-CEO of Armstrong Craven


  • 60% reduction in recruitment software costs
  • Developed proprietary technology in-house and ownership of a valuable asset used exclusively by Armstrong Craven
  • Armstrong Craven scaled the business from 60 to 100 employees
  • Huge increase in client satisfaction
  • Significant increase in recruiter productivity

“Centigy are a dream to partner with. Their knowledge of recruitment technology is second to none. They really invest skin-in-the-game on projects, are always on hand to anticipate and solve complex challenges and they do whatever is needed to ensure a positive outcome.”

Twain Henry-Lucas, Frank Belford Director and Founder