• Are you sure your software is giving all candidates a fair chance? 
  • Is your recruitment software compliant with your clients' ethical policies?

Winning and retaining clients requires your talent software to be best-in-class. The AI software environment is changing so recruitment software needs to adapt. Governments are considering introducing regulation of recruitment technology – You want to be prepared. 


Separate your talent firm from the competition when you nail your ethical colours to the mast.

ensure ethical practices

We are trusted world leaders in creating and maintaining global ethical standards for talent software. We can assess your recruitment technology.

Confidently Sign Renewals

A risk and value analysis will guide you on which software to keep and which to potentially replace.

Maintain Credibility

Your reputation and integrity in ethical recruiting is paramount. Compliance with the proposed regulations will mean being at the forefront of providing a fair and ethical service.

YOU’VE WORKED HARD TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS. And have done your best to ensure you follow fair and ethical practices.

But with all the good that AI has brought to the table, it has also created unintentional biases that you may not even be aware of. 

It’s far better to know if the talent software you use has ethical flaws - long before legislation is enforced. We’ll help you see into the future so you can make a decision now that could save you time, money, and clients later.

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Ready to your talent acquisition capability?

3 simple steps to ensuring
ethical recruiting practices

1. Assess your software

We provide a Risk & Value analysis so that you know in advance if your software may not comply with regulation or isn’t delivering enough value.

2. Improve your offering

We can work with your vendor to ensure compliance or help you select the right software for your needs.

3. Win and retain clients

Compliant, best-in-class tech will give your clients confidence that you have sustainable, ethical software that will attract diverse talent.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get ahead of your competition.

Using ethical tech will show your stakeholders that you’re committed to giving all candidates a fair chance and holds the potential for happy and diverse workplaces.