We specialise in IT Asset Value Recovery, offering you a secure and dependable solution for maximising the return on your outdated or surplus technology.

When we responsibly recycle our electronics, we're not just diverting waste from landfills and reducing environmental toxins. We're also reclaiming valuable, non-renewable resources, making a circular economy a reality.

We make IT asset value recovery easy. Not only do we maximise value, but we also minimise risk and help hit those all-important ESG targets.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Breathe new life into your tech. Recycling cuts waste, saves energy, and conserves resources. It keeps materials out of landfills and lowers the carbon footprint compared to making new devices.

Securely Sanitise Data

We ensure that all data-bearing assets undergo complete sanitisation or destruction to prevent any sensitive information from being accessed or recovered.

Recover Value

We offer fair market value (FMV) pricing for your unwanted IT assets. You will receive a detailed report with the grade of each item to ensure transparency.

The simple steps to recover
value from your it assets


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We collect, securely data-wipe, test, grade, clean, and resell or recycle your tech.

Recover Value

Now your it assets have been given a new lease of life, we pay you fair market value for them.